Trade Risk Management & Travel Companion

Our expert services

Our expert services and our diverse experience in more than 55 countries, provide you with security and risk management solutions and a professional travel companion in all your travels, whether for business or pleasure.

For feeling secure while on the move, you can avail On Guard Security by appointing an escort security guard, who will escort you while you will move from one place to other.

Professional Service

We can provide travel risk management & travel companion services to individuals, families, seniors, and relatives for business meetings, to find business partners abroad, celebrations, weddings, graduations, or funerals, doctor appointments/check-ups, child summer camps, visit grandparents abroad, visit parent abroad and many more.
A professional travel companion can make all your travel experiences safer, more enjoyable and stress-free from start to finish and return home safely.
  • Research airfares and make travel arrangements
  • Escort you from the departure airport to your destination
  • Handle wheelchair assistance
  • Coordinate airport check-in
  • Carry onboard luggage
  • Guide you through an expedited security checkpoint
  • Security guarding 24/7
  • Assist during boarding
  • Rental car and driving
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