Private Investigations

It can be challenging to find a trustworthy licensed Private Investigator and know you are getting value for your money. Where is your child and what is he or she doing with the other parent when you're not around? Are you trying to find a lost love or do you think your spouse or significant other is cheating?

We can be your Eyes and your Ears

On Guard Security is a licensed private investigations company which can help you answer all these questions and more for you. We can mine data, complete surveillance and use the most technologically advanced devices to ensure the best and most efficient investigation is completed. Rest easy that On Guard Security investigation services is working for you!

Private Investigations with professional equipment

  • Matrimonial private investigations
  • Photographs
  • Video filming
  • Research on property figures
  • Collection confidential information’s
  • Background checks
  • Finding economic data of companies
  • General investigations for companies
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