Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

We are based in Cyprus. We have over 10 years of expertise and knowledge of the Cypriot market. We provide our services wherever you wish. Our men and women are multilingual and have experience on all continents. Also we are very well capable to travel with you, we are not bound or limited to one place.

We provide services to basically all people. We only do not provide services to criminals or people with immoral intents. We have rejected clients in the past who had unrealistic expectations of our services.

You will be protected by the best. Yes, it is possible to have some basic information about individual guards, we can also meet before any services are provided. We can provide basic information but not complete CV’s of our people.

This is a question we are asked quite often. Our clients are the Cyprus government and municipal authorities, construction companies, private companies, international corporations, major retailers, fast food chains, celebrities, businessmen and many more. Please understand that we cannot give names and details of our clients, this to protect their safety and privacy. It is very likely that you wouldn’t want us to give your name and details to the next person asking.

Our men and women are selected from the best professionals and they all have extended experience protecting people and assets.

We only provide men and women with clean criminal records. They have above average IQ and EQ and sophisticated interpersonal skills. They have experience that gives them a mature ‘Can do, will do’ and ‘no nonsense’ mentality that is needed to provide efficiency and quality.

Yes, we work with a selected group of partners. But we never cut corners or make compromises in quality. Our partners have the same level of quality and competence as we do. We demand the highest standards from ourselves and our partners.

Mostly Greek Cypriots and some from other European countries.

Quality comes at a price. The old expression “If you pay peanuts, you will get Monkeys” includes a certain truth. The highly trained, experienced and therefore very skilled operators are there for your protection. They have gone through intensive training regimes and learned their skills under the hardest circumstances in the world’s most dangerous places.

They will go through great lengths to provide you something very precious; the protection of your life and that of your loved ones and to be able to live and work in safety. We offer highly efficient quality and have very competitive rates.

When you decide that the quality doesn’t really matter, there are cheaper companies, but cheap always has a reason.

We are very flexible. We provide tailor-made services and within reasonable terms every duration, location, timeframe and circumstance you can image can be changed. We will, at all times, do the best we can to provide you with what is needed and what you want.

When you decide to change your plans we are happy to improvise and make it all happen.

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